What can I automate in my company?


Open / Close curtains with predefined actions (e.g. at a specific time when the sun is in the room or when the company is closed)

Solar Sensors

For automation of individual functions within the company (e.g. drawing curtains down when it has sun, turning on lighting when dark, etc.)

Surveillance / Alarm

Arming / Disarming alarm automatically in predefined situations (e.g. when you reach within a certain distance, or through your smart phone etc.)

Small Appliances

Turn on / off small appliances (e.g. coffee maker every morning, TV in hotel room etc.)


Manage lighting with predefined actions or at certain times (e.g. when it's getting dark, it is triggered in certain rooms or activated in a hotel room during the check-in process etc.)


Remote alarm management with alerts when out of bounds (e.g. when the refrigerator stops and the temperature rises dangerously with the risk of destroying the products in a restaurant)


Managing and saving energy by switching on / off heating at specific times or states (e.g. radiator activation when outside temperature exceeds the preset threshold)

Hydraulic / Hot Water

Gutter management and control - Water retention at a specific temperature.