Why invest in smart metering?

Even in a home, let alone in workplaces, there are countless appliances that consume energy, making it impossible to measure them in order to further reduce costs. Just think of a house with lighting, electrical appliances or computers, but also a company with complex production lines, escalators or even air conditioning. The examples are inexhaustible, but the purpose is to know the consumption of each device, everyday and at all times, in order to effectively save energy and money.

What can a smart meter do?

  • Show current electricity consumption in kW
  • Automatic costing and auditing of accounts before they are issued
  • Notifications when consumption exceeds a limit
  • Control and manage devices with timers and can be switched off by your Smart Phone
  • Wireless data transmission and communication of all smart devices

Power Monitoring Solution

The PowerLogic Com’X510 is a complete management application that requires only one web browser and Ethernet access to connect the user and display real-time data and recordings of up to 64 power meters. Specific energy meters enable connection to these pulse channels, making the solution ideal as a complete application for monitoring additional meters, calorimeters, gas meters, simple kilowatometers with pulse output and less cost. Built-in PowerLogic Com’X510 web hosting and built-in memory allow you to customize the pages by case, view data from the grid, store auxiliary documents, and hyperlink links to third-party sailboats, for example Technical equipment brochures, application and installation brochures, system diagrams and topology of the electrical installation. The parameterization of sail-pages is very easy in real time, as well as the determination of the recording of parameters without the need for specialized programs or special handling skills.

Example of real-time application

username: demo password: Com'X510

For more information and example of the real-time application, please visit: and use the above access details.


The solution of PowerLogic Com’X510 as an integrated management system simplifies
Monitoring energy. It can show its critical variable sizes
Real-time energy and list recordings and historical data for
The electrical system to help optimize it
Use of energy, control and protection of existing electricity
Infrastructure. The user can quickly and easily secure access to
Information from meters, control units, switches, protection relays,
Speed ​​regulators and a large number of devices and handle them through one
Standard web browser. Website creation is done using the
Built-in tool and real-time settings the user can
Start a quick recording at short time intervals for a basic and
Detailed view of energy consumption.


Monitoring the use of energy, highlighting the potential and verifying the results of energy efficiency improvement and energy saving actions. Remote real-time monitoring of the use of the conditions and the energy profile of the plant’s electricity distribution network.

Technical Specifications

  • Display real-time variables and historical information from different devices using only one common browser
  • Automatic detection of devices for easy system setup
  • Automatically send the selected stored data to an e-mail or FTP server for further analysis using a computer or special applications such as Excell
  • Selects logging intervals and variables that the user wants in real time while connected to the system.
  • Ensure data security and access to the system through password protection
  • Serial connection support for Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Jbus and PowerLogic protocols for a wide range of devices (and independentIt includes an Ethernet 10 / 100BaseTx port
  • It includes a serial RS485 (2/4 wire) or RS232 (RJ45)
  • Optically isolated serial port provides extremely reliable communication and protection in an industrial environment.
  • Compatible to send data with energy monitor software from the same manufacturer or independent manufacturers.