What's inside a smart house?


Open / Close curtains with predefined actions (e.g. at a specific time when the sun is in the room or when you leave the house)

Solar Sensors

To automate individual functions within the house (e.g. drawing curtains down when it is sunny, turning on lighting when it is dark, etc.)

Surveillance / Alarm

Arming / Disarming alarm automatically in predefined situations (e.g. when you park the car in the garage, through your smart phone, etc.)

Door Garage

Opening / Closing a garage door when the car is approaching / moving away from home. Combination of actions (e.g. lighting activation etc.)


Manage lighting in predefined actions or times (e.g. lighting up in certain areas at night or turning off when you leave the house, etc.)

Small Appliances

Turn on / off small appliances (e.g. the coffee maker every morning, the TV when you enter the house etc.)

Wash Dryer

Enable at preset times or send notifications when washing is complete


Remote alarm management when out of bounds alert (e.g. when the refrigerator stops running and temperature rises)

Oven / Cooker Hood

Remote temperature control and automatic shutdown after a certain amount of time (e.g. after 2 hours of baking)

Hydraulic / Hot water

Gutter management and control - Water retention at a specific temperature.


Managing and saving energy by turning on / off heating at specific times or situations (e.g. turning on the heater 1 hour before going home)


Design an atmosphere using lighting, music, etc. when a visitor reaches your home and hits the bell.

Why install it?

KNX eliminates the need to go from room to room to adjust curtains, electric shutters, lighting, temperature and audio-video systems. Either through a handy color touch screen, a remote control or keyboard, the KNX is always on the edge of your hand.
With KNX, you have luxury at the touch of a button. The flexibility of the system allows the owner to create several of his own choice lighting scenarios such as tracks, panic buttons, “everything off” keys and much more.
– Imagine that by pressing a single button, the intensity of the lamps diminished, the shutters close, the plasma TV opens and your favorite movie starts. All you need is popcorn and soft drinks!
– Imagine your curtains or window blinds being programmed to be set at certain times, in order to reduce the glare and to protect delicate fabrics or artwork from harmful sun rays.
– Imagine the lights on the corridors lighting up at night as you pass.
– Imagine what KNX can offer in your lifestyle.

Unique Comfort Conditions!

KNX offers a complete solution for home control, creating unique comfort conditions, simplifying your everyday life.
Lighting shapes the perfect setting for every occasion. Whether it’s a movie night, a romantic dinner for two, a party or a quiet Sunday morning reading your newspaper, the lighting creates the right atmosphere. Dimmer units have the ability to adjust the interior lighting according to the levels of natural lighting or by gradual changes at predetermined times of the day. At the touch of a button, it is much easier to control the lighting throughout the house, lighting up the garage, the master bedroom or just light them all up! In addition, through the motion detectors it is possible to open the lights as soon as you enter the room, which is especially useful for guests or the elderly.
Curtains and roller shutters can be connected to the KNX system to shut down automatically as soon as it is dark or when you want to watch a movie.

Heating and Air Conditioning control

You can always keep your home comfortable by automatically checking the temperature and humidity levels in each room thanks to the KNX.
No need to get out of bed or be at home to control the temperature. With the KNX you can control multiple bands from one point and easily set temperature limits. You also have the ability to choose an energy-saving temperature when you’re away and schedule automatic adjustment to more comfortable levels while you’re on the go.

Are you … coming home … earlier?
Use your computer or mobile phone to set your home air conditioning remotely or even to control the temperature of your cellar or your greenhouse-patio.

Security and Intercom

With the KNX, you can program panic buttons on any switch that the owner wants, so that all safety and regular lights can illuminate to prevent burglars. The exterior lights can be set to blink to direct home assistance. You can illuminate the route from the entrance of the fence to the entrance of your home by using a suitable keychain or through your mobile phone. Check the central entrance or garage door, take care of the children in the pool or just have a look at the child sleeping in the nursery. You can check what is happening around your home via security cameras via your KNX color touch screen or a tablet device or your mobile phone.
The CCN provides cameras and intercom capabilities. While listening to your favorite music or watching a DVD in the home theater, you will know when someone rings the doorbell or when a car passes the garage door as the sound stops smoothly, the image of the entrance camera will appear on the color Touch Screen or on the TV and you will be able to talk to the visitor and open the door through your phone at the touch of a button.

Do you travel or work late?
The KNX can perform some planned lighting scenarios by simulating your presence at home.
Do you want to leave on a vacation and have the fear of a gas or water leak?
KNX may interrupt the supply of natural gas when you are away from home. It can turn off the general water supply and open it only when you have scheduled the automatic watering of your garden.